About Our Business

JR Construction was established in 1992.  Our
company specializes in super high energy efficient
building products and super efficient custom homes.

We have been pioneering high efficiency building
and building products for over 20 years.

We were the first to bring "Seamless" vinyl siding
and Triple Pane German Engineered windows to
North Dakota and western Minnesota over 20
years ago!

We have built over 30 complete ICF (Insulated
Concrete Forms) and numerous super energy
efficient conventional homes.

We are a "Hands On" builder.  We do all our own
footings, flatwork, ICF walls, framing, roofing,
siding, windows/ doors, interior trimwork and

We are dealers/ distributors of numerous super
energy efficient products such as:

Amvic ICF Concrete forms
LOGIX ICF Concrete forms
Steibel Eltron electric floor heating/ products
Hydronic floor heating tubes/ boilers,                        

LED lighting systems

We offer design/ drawings for all projects.

Our energy star numbers prove how energy
efficient, and comfortable our homes are.

There are contractors out there that use some of
the energy efficient products available, but few, if
any use all available like our company does!

Before you build, do the research and find how out
how many energy efficient homes others have built,
what products they use, and always ask for their

We have been in the Grand Forks Herald, been
spotlighted in Cass County Electrics Highline
Notes, articles in WPA Administrative literature,
and won the prestigious "Horizon Award" for our
home on the parade of homes.

Our homes heat/ cool for a fraction of conventional
code approved homes!  Some people don't believe
how energy efficient our homes are until they talk to
clients and see actual bills.

Building Energy Efficient does not "Cost" more,
and the myth of payback is moot.  When you figure
the payment for a better built more energy efficient
home and consider the monthly energy efficient
savings, your total monthly cost is actually

If you think fossil fuels/ electricity is high today.....
What do you think 10 years from now will be? Our
homes will actually have a much better resale value
as well as an incredibly low heating/ cooling bill!
About Us